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Henry Kubik


Henry Kubik is a very talented electronic music composer, lyricist, performer, sound engineer and producer, based in the wonderful city of Perth, Western Australia. Since January 1997 he's been releasing his own music under own label - Henry Kubik Music. He's developed a reputation of being one of Australia's most original composers of modern music. Henry's published material is only a small part of the vast collection of unreleased pieces he has composed, many which are now available for use as movie sound tracks, documentary background and theme songs.

Henry is the man behind - Basic Desire


I have to say - some people do like my music. :-)

Acknowledgement of my work,

from a very unexpected source.


It seems that my first song on the album The Touch was the inspiration for Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard to write their mega hit "Now We Are Free" for the movie Gladiator.

Until now, I didn't know why I enjoyed their song very much.

IMHO, he used a small but noticeable (at least by me) piece of my song. The reason I know this is because I spent a lot of time designing my sound, drum loop, rhythm and the atmosphere.

Judge by yourself - listen to my composition, from the beginning and compare it with the first few bars of Hans Zimmer's song.

Spoil yourself and listen to the whole song! :-) Link:  Henry Kubik -The Touch

And now, Hans Zimmer's track (below):

His masterpiece is IMHO based on the atmosphere, beat, tempo and the ambient feel of my original song, which was recorded in 1995.

I never got a thank you from Hans, but...I'm still very proud of his work!

I'm currently working on a new version of The Touch with vocals, entitled "Return of the Gladiator!"


Just found. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gladiator_(soundtrack)

In June 2006, agents representing the estate of composer Gustav Holst (1874–1934) filed a lawsuit claiming that Zimmer plagiarized material from The Planets. Specifically, "The Battle" was believed to plagiarize Holst's "Mars, the bringer of war".[4] The Track "Barbarian Horde" reprises most of these themes.

Film music critics noted that the score also borrows from works by Richard Wagner, particularly themes from Siegfried and Götterdämmerung, included in the latter half of "The Might of Rome" and "Am I Not Merciful?"[5]


One of my other songs - 'Illusion' - was stolen by an 'artist' from Muyap

Here is the 'artist' who stole my song: - Enver Barış - Mild Sin

But that's not all!!! This song is also being sold on EMUSIC. Date Released: Aug 12, 2011

I uploaded 'Illusion' to my YT Channel two years earlier, but I actually composed it five years before that. Also, my version is a lot longer. You can listen to 'Illusion' - it's the background music in a film - on YT: Czy Bóg posiada osobiste imię?

That's not all.

Another person, by the name of Ahmet Yilmazcam also stole this song from me. Check this link song title - The Spirit.

Listen to his other songs and decide for yourself, who has the real talent! :-)

Hmmm....why is it that my song is longest? Am I a prophet, or what!? How could I add extra 30 seconds of... THEIR music to my song, years earlier!?




Lies - Basic Desire



You can d/load all our music legally for free here! - MUSIC


   basic desire


 It was his first attempt to add vocals to his creation. 29 singers were approached, three duos were formed and finally, after few years of deep soul searching, extensive exploration of various genres of modern pop music, Paulina Caine – the gorgeous singer - and her composer/producer – Henry Kubik– have found their direction in music – very unique, ambient, melodic and dreamy style, that truly reflects their talents, and the ability to make the sound and lyrics work together as the very creative tool to express the deepest human feels and emotions.

Their new style leads the group far beyond any constraints of pop, into unique fantasy world with unlimited space and freedom to express themselves in the fullest possible way.

They have created a perfect combination - Henry’s unique way of musical composition is incredibly well suited to Paulina’s soft and atmospheric voice, which is the driving force and the perfect foil for the sounds of ambience and the dreamscape portrayed in their new songs.

Thus, a very inspiring name was chosen for the band:

basic desire


First CD "The Touch"


Henry Kubik’s creativity went through a quite remarkable creative journey, since the launch of his first instrumental CD, "The Touch".



Second CD "Beyond..."


"beyond…" followed soon after, marking the beginning of the most colourful stage of his creative path.

    Paulina Caine



  • "They know, their music will touch your soul and linger in your heart forever"




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