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Henry Kubik





"Henry’s thinking mind music has the eerie and uncanny ability to stimulate mental stories for the listener, to cause intimate forgotten thinking patterns and memories, unique to each individual, to bloom from the subconscious."  "Henry’s Mind Music is a unique listening, thinking and feeling journey, which is like surfing the subconscious on your own internal Internet." "It’s an emotional time travel through your life’s experience." July 1997.

Ross Storey.

Beyond what?

 Maybe... Beyond ... "The Touch"?

Beyond... is a unique concept work which unleashes the deepest emotions and recalls wonderful life memories. The material on 'Beyond...' defies comparison with any contemporary music style. It has a sophisticated, unique and symphonic feel, tastefully created in an ultra-modern computer environment of electronic and digitally-sampled original sounds produced by the world's best studios. This landmark mix of classic yet modern compositions and state-of-the-art digital technology unveils a new method of expressing the most intimate emotions and dreams.  Beyond's exquisite blend of acoustic and electric guitars, electronic keyboards, pan pipes, flutes, Latin and African drums, exotic choirs and warm strings are magnificently woven together to create a rich audio work of art. With his bold and unique talent, Henry Kubik is plotting new directions and exploring mysterious new vistas in contemporary music.

The story line

Beyond...'takes you on a mysterious audio-inspired virtual journey through the lives of a loving couple, examining their inner most thoughts, feelings and realisations during the most poignant and sublime moments of their lives. A young woman, after a family wedding, dreams of her own married bliss in Sail On A Dream', yearning to picture the face of her lifetime lover, having no doubt that supreme happiness is hers to experience ahead. She rejoices in having found a mate in 'They Call it Love', when her life focuses on moments together and anything else becomes trivial - meaningless because the moment is so strong. Their passion builds and is consumated in a primal coupling where they glimpse the divine in 'Beyond The 7th Dawn - parts 1 and 2', achieving some realisation of their mystical purpose. Unfortunately, forever comes to an end when the man breaks their relationship, attempting to depart with compassion in 'It's Just A Thought of You', leaving the woman devastated, wandering her garden seeking meaning in her despair in 'Sad Sunday' At the end of his life, the man reviews his treasured memories in 'Let It Go', approaching some understanding of his suffering and loss, in the midst of joy and rejoicing, as his mortality is confirmed.


The hall is dark as the young bridesmaid dances alone through the fallen decorations of a family wedding. The sad confetti, having served its time, swirls in her wake on the polished wooden floor. Her hand holds the tired bouquet she caught as she pirouettes to the choral music of her own future ceremony. She hums and her mind is filled with visions of her life to come, striving to picture his face. She smiles in faith at the joy ahead, at the inevitable bliss in her life. No question balks her movement as she flows through the sagging flotsam of another couple's landmark day. She knows he awaits her somewhere, ready to fulfill both their lives. Her unquestioned faith and belief fuels her unbridled happiness. Her yearning gives her meaning, cementing the foundations of her existence. She imagines she will sail a golden sea in the arms of her lover. She feels she has awakened ecstatic on the morning after their honeymoon. Surely such unfathomable joy points to a final truth. The hall door opens, casting a sharp spotlight as if pointing the direction to her future dreams.


Young lovers, lost in the joy of each other, run uphill, hand in hand, through a sunshine meadow of smiling daffodils. No need to speak, just to savour the bliss of knowing they were meant to be. Butterflies float on the warm breeze which moves the blooms in waves. Delightful tiny birds sing in celebration. No need for life's diminishing details, just time for moment's sublime truth. Faces shine with pleasure and smiles; hands linked in balance, fingers flowing together. Neither leading but both partners in a whole, celebrating the discovery of each other, rejoicing in the perfectly meeting pieces. All past attitudes, shackles and impediments shrink to pinpricks. Everything crystalises to the sharp focus of now. Their relief and epiphany re-defines them. No past exists, only the moment's life-long happiness. No pain is now possible, but still reluctantly lingers deep in the dusty dark cupboards of their minds where such undiluted happiness comes as a complete surprise. This twinge of fear, conquered, fades as the couple enters a new world.


Only passion exists as they lay together, exploring, amazed at the power and rejoicing at the discovery of the fundamental true purpose. Brought together with meaning by an irresistible force; an incredible yearning, a wondrous plan. Warm breath, murmurs and encouragement, feigning control but slipping ever faster in a whirlpool of ancient currents. Surprising but inevitable. Letting go but holding on. Subjugating ego. Blissfully relinquishing self for wholesome joining to build the future. Participating in a great eternal mystery beyond solving. Fulfilling a long pre-determined role in rhythm with universal consciousness. No names, just being. No expectations, just flowing down the human path. Accelerating, unsustainable intensity. An indefinable mix of pleasure and pain. Too strong to last. Too intense for mere mortal endurance. The painful pleasure peaks. Blinding light. A fleeting glimpse of universal joy, meaning and understanding. Identity lost, then too quickly re-born. A fundamental realisation and exquisite happiness. Soulful contentment achieved. Love's amalgum and life's insurance.


Sunset casts a golden glow on the huddled couple as he holds her shoulders, keeping her strangely distant. The air is expectantly still. He speaks earnestly to her face, steeling himself to deliver the pain. The lights in her eyes dwindle as the surprise settles and the meaning soaks through. His heart sinks as he watches her wither with his words like melting wax. He contrasts her expression with the many masterpieces of joy he has seen in their time together. Memories that will endure because love's hallmark is forever. The painting melts to golden tears and sobbing shoulders with her understanding. No one's to blame. The fault is beyond control. His love was fleeting and flawed. She deserves the best but he delivered shadows. He expresses his sorrow at not being her one, re-assuring her that new love will be re-born with another. The dying day grows darker with her mood. He wishes her well, knowing only time will re-build him in her mind; knowing full well she will bloom again without him.


A winsome young girl lies in her garden hammock, swinging with the breeze and singing her sadness through tears, at her lost love. Her loneliness is fresh and devastating; his face fills her mind. The trees whisper in consolation. Doves murmur their concern and the wind is cool. She asks herself how her loss could be. No answers expected. What fault was whose? How did the crystal shatter? Who broke the chain? She leaves the hammock to walk the garden paths in meditation. Understanding takes time. There may be no blame. The pain is permanent, always lingering like an ethereal fog around her future. She knows his love is gone, irretrievable and final. His voice will fade but always be there for her to hear, a cherished tune tinged with regret, only growing fainter with the stretching years, until new love writes a fresh symphony. Her belief and faith in what's meant to be builds her strength. She draws on her inner reserves for replenishment. Finding a higher plateau she climbs to acceptance. Her song turns bitter-sweet and her chest swells to
face a new future.


A very old man floats in a dinghy on a beautiful forest lake, dangling his fishing line into the mirrored surface as he feels his last moments fade. Not a painful experience, not even an ending - more one of pleasant surprise and the meeting of an old friend. He has strength and confidence about his way forward, but is overcome by a wave of regrets about what he should have achieved in his life. How full was his time, but how much more he could have done with what was offered him. Scenes of his existence screen through his mind, bringing smiles, sighs, laughter and delicious melancholy. Gratitude, overwhelming gratitude fills his being, starts his tears, as he smiles down on his relaxed body, still grasping the fishing rod, but an empty vessel bobbing on. As he lets go, he fancies he hears a chorus of angels as a flock of water birds flies by. He sobs within himself in pure joy. Arrival. Like a new born butterfly he understands. He wonders at the tiny problems and concerns that gave false meaning to his little life. Smiling confidently, he looks forward.

(c) 1997. Story line by Ross Storey



Second CD "Beyond..."


"Beyond…" followed soon after, marking the beginning of the most colourful stage of his creative path.




  • "They know, their music will touch your soul and linger in your heart forever"

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