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Henry Kubik






Are you sick and tired of mainstream music - loaded with occult symbols, witchcraft and other satanic messages - which is constantly pushed down your throat by the corrupt music industry?

Are you looking for something meaningful, honest and tasty?

Then you came to the right place!

No filth, no satanism, no NWO - only beautiful music with the message of love.

This is why Henry Kubik will never be supported and promoted by demons of  NWO  and  the mainstream media.


The Touch



The Touch is sold also in Germany.



Published in November 1995

The style of The Touch is unique but can be loosely described as Ambient  Sensitive, warm and feminine, yet at the same time powerful and demanding; this music will touch you deeply. Strong rhythms and beautiful melodies glide together to create an unforgettable experience which is different for the listening of every individual. Haunting electronic sounds are blended with original percussion and pan flutes to evoke powerful human emotions.


All songs are transposed into A - 432 Hz


(Read more about music tuned back to original frequency for note A - 432 Hz in links below.)








Beyond what? Maybe... Beyond ... "The Touch"?

What a deal!


You can download all the songs legally for FREE, in top quality files
(mp3 format 320 bps).

No questions asked, but please use only for your personal enjoyment.

Don't copy the songs via peer to peer networks, but rather send the link to this page to your friends.
And if you use the songs for comercial purposes, the usual (c) rights will apply.

You can download all music legally for free in top quality files
in mp3 format 320 bps.

If you like it a lot, please consider a small payment. That would make possible any new releases in the near future.

You can do it via PayPal using my email adress



First CD "The Touch"


Henry’s creativity went through a quite remarkable creative journey, since the launch of his first instrumental CD, "The Touch".


Second CD "Beyond..."


"Beyond…" followed soon after, marking the beginning of the most colourful stage of his creative path.




  • "They know, their music will touch your soul and linger in your heart forever"

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